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Scaling Up: Using Growth Marketing and PR to Scale Your Startup


About the Program

The inaugural SIT StartGarden Program, in close collaboration with Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) and international experts, focuses on growth marketing and includes CHF 100,000 investment for all participating startups.

Our first program, ‘Scaling Up: Using Growth Marketing and PR to Scale Your Startup,’ connects your startup with industry experts who can help shape and build a ‘growth engine’ for your business.

The first program is available to Swiss startups only. However, if you’re an international company you can still apply for consideration in future programs.

Rock Climbing


  1. Gain industry knowledge and access a unique network of SIT partners, scientists and other global business experts.

  2. Challenge yourself through new perspectives and frameworks for company development.

  3. Tap into lifelong connections to support your startup, accelerating partner connections and customer growth.

  4. Build investor relations to fuel business growth and increase speed of iteration.

  5. Set your business goals and establish accountability to achieve them.

  6. Tap into a tailor-made approach, offering tools and resources catered to your startup’s unique needs.



Are you ready to build your growth engine? 

Apply today and get ramped up with SIT StartGarden, your new partner and your bridge between science and business.