SIT StartGarden

A startup ecosystem where science & tech professionals collaborate on innovative business ideas.
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What is SIT StartGarden

We are a startup ecosystem where students, researchers and science and tech professionals can share and collaborate on innovative business ideas.

Part of the wider SIT Ecosystem

SIT StartGarden links education, research and business in a close-knit self-sustainable cycle. The project participants move between the institute, R&D center, and tech park, working together on original solutions across domains. At SIT StartGarden, you can blend transformative science with entrepreneurship and confront the emerging global challenges.


We support would-be entrepreneurs with mentoring, networking, office space and access to funding.


We help early-stage startups grow to the next level.


We know that sometimes the great ideas of tomorrow are not so obvious today. So we are open to connecting with businesses in all industries that provide a wide array of solutions. Regardless of what you’re working on, we want to hear from you.


We work with business models including: 

  • B2B (Business to Business), 

  • B2C (Business to Consumer), 

  • B2G (Business to Government), 

  • SaaS (Software as a Service), 

  • FinTech (Financial Services). 

Our Focus Area

We are especially interested in solutions based on or leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Robotics and Advanced Materials.


Benefits of the SIT Startup  Ecosystem


Top-tier Scientists

Meet the world’s leading scientists in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Technologies, Functional Intelligent Materials and more. 


Swiss Benefits

Benefit from Swiss competitive tax rates, strong patent protection and comprehensive R&D incentives.


SIT Capital

Tap into the SIT venture capital network, including top venture funds, angels and institutional investors, specializing in deep tech and science investments.


International Reach

Reach a global audience through the SIT Ecosystem by tapping into networking ties from all over the world.

Key SIT StartGarden Initiatives




Take advantage of our IP Protection, Marketing and Sales, and Business Development consulting services.

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